There is Always a Way

There is Always a Way

We all have dreams at one point in our lives. It is our choice to stuff them away with the hopes of one day regaining more time, more money, or more of something to get our dream percolating again and active in our lives.

I think you may agree that time goes by quickly… Our lives begin, we blank, we look back and wonder where did the time go? And, some people sit in regrets or blame for that passing time.

Think of your “now” awareness as a gift.

A gift of awakening to show you that there is still time and there is still a way. Some people get this awakening in their teen years, or in their 20s, 30s, 40s. If we take action at any age we are ahead of the game of life. Again, it is your choice for when your dream is bright enough, when the pain is motivating enough to start acting on your dreams.

The biggest thing that holds us back, that keeps us locked up in that comfort zone, is that we are a hostage to that space between our ears. We have not been taught success. That is why 5% of our population have it all. It is reprogramming.

Do you want to choose powerless or powerful? Empowerment or entrapment?

The world is such a controlled and programmed place.

It tells us that if we feel sad we are to take something for the sadness. Not to just go through the sadness and learn from that experience. If we are angry then there is something wrong with us society says.

Don’t feel. Keep quiet. Keep in that box.

Look at the school system in general. I’m not talking about all schools, however, likely 92%. It is not a small percentage.

They teach fear. They teach shame. Sit down and be quiet for hours. They ask the children to answer a question in front of the class and when it is wrong the teacher points it out and everyone laughs. Do that five times and see if you now have a fear of standing up and talking. It is the greatest fear next to dying speaking in front of a group. This has happened by experience I believe.

We are taught in the schools to conform, to get a good education, get a good job and conform to their rules and then the rules of an employee. We are told when to break, when to go to the washroom, when to vacation, and we are told if we are allowed to see our children’s play during the workday.

We are all molded but, I am here to tell you that IF you have a desire that is strong enough you CAN break the mold. A why that is brilliant enough and that you want enough. If you have vision that you can see, taste and smell then there is a way.

If you have a percolating dream or even a little whisper in your ear there is also a way. There is hope and a future.

There is a way to have everything you want for yourself and your family.

Remember how fast time goes by. Have you ever thought about that when you have children?

Have you ever thought that there are only 18 summers that you will have to spend with your children to make the memories that will last a lifetime? This statement blew me away. Time flies!

Are they worth having time spent with? Are you valuable enough to have it all?

We are not taught to ask these good questions to ourselves, we are taught to conform. I believe you are valuable enough to reach your full potential. What is stopping you?

I know with help we can all do it together. There is always a way!

It is now!