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“I did a QHHT past life regression therapy with Alana. All I can say is WOW! Years ago, when I was in Thailand at a holistic spa I did a past life session and it was nothing compared to what I experienced with Alana. After the session I was totally exhausted, the next day I felt totally alive and peaceful…it was like something had shifted. I would highly recommend QHHT and Alana to anyone! Peace and love!”

Susan Pratt, Vancouver, BC, Canada


“My session w/ Alana was very peaceful and insightful. Alana fully detailed what I might expect and led me through a beautiful process. Her voice was so soothing. Her space felt very safe & protected. Alana’s passion for her healing work is apparent and I am richly blessed to know her and experience her gifts!”

Caroline Wong, Maple Ridge, BC, Canada


“I have had the pleasure of working with Alana and have to say that it has been wonderful to watch her grow her business into something so well rounded. She really is the one stop shop for holistic wellness. I love how she fully engulfs herself into learning everything she possibly can about her craft with all the different services that she offers. From technology that reads the aura to light therapy and hypnotherapy you can’t help but feel enlightened after working with her.

I felt safe to discuss my deeply personal issues and was comfortable to have Alana open my subconscious to help me clear away past karmic concerns. Her voice was soothing to listen to as she guided me into a trance. It was a very cool experience! Thank you Alana”

Danielle Pistilli, Vancouver, BC, Canada

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