NLP Neuro-Linguistic Programming

NLP Neuro-Linguistic Programming

We all have a story that we live by. The story of why it cannot be me that is successful.

The story of why I am not good enough, or fast enough, or young enough, or tall enough. The story that starts at childhood and gets told over and over many times that we now believe the story to actually be our identity.

I am depressed. I am tired. I am hypothyroid. It gets ingrained into our subconscious and immobilizes us into people who don’t take charge of our lives or our goals. We come home from work, eat, then watch TV, go to bed, then do it all over again. Then we wonder why we get lost, sad.

Our world is a super amazing place to live. The flowers smell exceptional. The beauty of our surroundings is such an all inspiring message from God. It makes us feel special to be such an amazing part of heaven on earth if we decide to see it that way.

I don’t believe we have bad days.

I believe we can have bad moments but with perspective, forgiveness, compassion and gratitude we can see things through different looking glasses. We would be amazed what we could create in a day with our powerful minds and all of our gifts.

Our subconscious holds millions of thoughts and experiences.

These experiences include excuses unfinished projects and obstacles to why we must stay stuck and numb. Don’t get me wrong, there are great experiences in our subconscious also. We don’t seem to gravitate to those experiences very often. The programming we get from the world, our parents, TV, our family, our friends, teachers and bosses most of which is negative.

As a child, we are told to follow our dreams.

Johnny you can be anything you put your mind to at six and seven years of age. Then when little Johnny grows up at age 8 and says I am going to be a famous actor. We say our Johnny be better stay in school those people don’t make much money.

I am guilty of this too. It is our society for the most part. If you think of 20 people you know how many can you say are positive and uplifting all the time? Can we say two?

Our conscious mind holds thousands of bits of information so our subconscious is ruling our lives. That is one reason I laugh when people tell me you’re going to another personal development course. I am going to a weekend of positive energy and positive success brainwashing. And I am proud of it. I have already been brainwashed from the world for a lot of years.

I say yes. Thank goodness, please brainwash me to success!

One way to becoming a person that will push through, not quit or make an excuse, is to learn to love unconditionally. To be a light and accept people for who they are. To help people be and do their best in a pay-it-forward system. These are not things I have learned growing up. These are the things I’ve learned through training.

As long as we can stay happy and think good thoughts of how I love my life, we can push ourselves to do a little better every day. Then, over time we become better people. People will notice and it is a fulfilling way to live. To begin can be challenging there is always help to seek if needed by friends, family, or professionals to keep you accountable.

Here is to your best life. You can have it all. Push through.