Biopulsar Reflexograph and Chromolive Light Therapy

Alana Leone offers readings for chakra balance, aura interpretation and colour light therapy.

As a Holistic and Wellness Freedom Advisor we work with the whole you.

Doctors use energy for diagnosis and treatment all the time eg. ECG machine(electrocardiogram), MRI machines, lasers, to name a very small amount of energy machines out today.

The Biopulsar® Reflexograph is reading your electromagnetic energy to give you a reading on overall body, mind and spirit health.

Your body is provided with proper regulators and protectors. These are the endocrine glands throughout the body in a vertical line from feet to head called chakra/energy centers or electromagnetic fields.

For an overall energy tune-up stimulate the endocrine system glands.

The pineal gland in your brain area controls the cerebrospinal fluid, cerebral cortex (upper brain), central nervous system and hair.

The pituitary gland also in your brain area governs the cerebellum (lower brain), eyes, nose, ears and nervous system.

The thyroid gland governs the parathyroid, hypothalamus, throat, neck, jaw, mouth, voice and shoulders.

The thymus gland governs the heart, lungs, bronchia, lymphs, secondary circulatory system, immune system, arms and hands.

The pancreas governs the stomach, liver, gallbladder, intestines, sympathetic nervous system and upper digestive system.

The ovaries/gonad gland governs uterus, kidneys, urinary organs and lower digestive system.

The adrenal gland governs the reproductive system, prostate, spinal column, tailbone, teeth bones, legs and feet.

Important notice: A Biopulsar® Reflexograph energy reading can never replace a physicians advice in cases of illness.


Biofeedback technology has no downtime. Study your aura and understand yourself from the inside out with a report that gets sent to you email. Receive a remedy sheet that shows you what essential oils, foods, spices, minerals and vitamins, exercises and even tells you what music you could listen to. All in less than an hour with no painful procedures.

Imagine looking at a mirror and seeing the multidimensions of your true self.

Well, that’s what you experience when you have a Biopulsar scan. You see your brainwaves which illustrates your patterns of thoughts and feelings whether conscious or unconscious. You can see all your physical imbalances, both overactive and underactive organs. All this is shown in two different linear presentations.


The Biopulsar measures 49 areas in the body through its sensors. Every organ works with a part of the brain and no organ works independent of a network. The Biopulsar takes a snapshot of your body and mind by reading your every organ value in a colour frequency.


For example, the cerebrum in the brain controls the emotions, hearing, vision, personality and is the center of sensory perception, memory, thoughts and our ability to judge.

If the cerebrum is damaged due to a trauma, we will see the organ registering a weak signal by way of colour and the data will convey a low numerical value. You will receive a report of approximately 15 – 25 pages that you can keep for checking on what part of the body needs attention and what part of your body is working at optimum. We give you nutrition and exercises to strengthen the body and you can be proactive in your life where it counts and when it counts.

Session Pricing

$30.00 for 20-minute session
A quick overall health reading with a picture of your aura and tips on
optimum health.

$85.00 for 60-minute session
A full session health reading with 15+ page report sent to you and
tips for optimum health.

$150.00 for 2-hour session
A full session health reading and we talk about mind and spirit health
as well, also a 15 + page report, a free vibrational essence spray and
so much more.

*Call now to book your private consultation. All consultations are confidential.

What is an Aura?

Everyone has an aura. The aura is part of your personality and energy field. It displays thoughts and emotions on a conscious and unconscious level, showing the energies of your physical and psychological condition. The aura has several layers around the body and it is the electromagnetic field we see when we take an aura picture. A person can collect energies through their chakras from several different levels of vibrations and colours, which are utilized in the different parts of their body.

Professor Niels Ryberg Finsen received the Nobel Prize in Medicine for his research in the area of colour therapy. Finsen proved that colours are independent energies and that specific colour vibrations cause different reactions in the human body and psyche.

What is Colour Light Therapy?

Colour Light Therapy is generating tremendous excitement in the health care field from various types of practitioners such as reflexologists, chiropractors, acupuncturists and even anti- aging doctors and natropaths. As certified Holistic and Wellness Advisor and now a Nutritionalist student it is important to me to stay up on current technology for my clients.

A few things that colour light therapy can do:

Vibrational Medicine

The Institute for Clinical and Experimental Medicine in Russia proved that light applied to the human skin penetrates the body between 2 and 30mm, depending on the light frequency. Their research showed that only certain areas of the body were able to transfer light beneath the surface, and that those areas corresponded to the acupuncture points. In fact, the light travelled along the acupuncture meridians somewhat like optical fiber.

The Chromalive Anti Aging and Beauty Programme

The Chromalive Colour Therapy treatments are based on Eastern medicine philosophy. The sensitive bioenergies (Yin and Yang) become imbalanced if our daily life is constantly stressed. The result of too many stresses is an imbalance of our life energy flow and then it becomes disturbed, illnesses can then manifest and the aging process accelerates. Then starts causing inflammation and oxidation of our cells and neurotransmitters to name a few.

Chakra Harmonizing

The Sanskrit word chakra means “energy wheel”.

Aura and chakra blockages mean physical and psychological grief in the life of a person or a stuck or shock. I have worded with hundreds of people that have gone through something traumatic in life, a divorce, loss of a friendship, death of a loved one. Even having a baby is such a big change so there are a lot of examples of how we can get blockages. As a certified Master Practitioner in Neuro linguistical programming there are fast processes to clear our bodies of these blockages from an emotional and physical level.

To be attuned to all of your energy helps with clear focus, happiness, positive thoughts and so much more.