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Author, Master Facilitator, and Trainer

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 “Success is about showing up and pushing through.” – Alana Leone

You never know where life is going to take you and success is all about being ready for any change or opportunity!

Alana is a world authority in confidence building by shifting thinking.  She believes that by clearing past emotions you can free your mind from negative noise and live in ease and happiness now. She wants to help you get laser focused on your desires and take action to accomplish them.

After starting a family, Alana helped to build a million-dollar, family run, directional drilling business, which is now a legacy to her children. She has reinvented herself and now trains others to take action to get what they desire. She started a coaching and training business that is nationally known where she worked with people all over the world.

She has trained with the best in the world in her field, from names like Dr. Richard Bandler, Blair Singer, Marcia Wieder, Dr’s. Tad, and Adriana James, to name a few. In the past she worked with the world’s leading seminar company, Success Resources America. With her passion she inspires people to pursue their every desire and live with a shift in success.

She is an author, trainer, entrepreneur, and owner of Pushy Coaching and Training. She leads classes for certification where she teaches people to be self-performing. Her classes focus on shifting some of the ways the mind thinks and creating processes for taking action. Then her program teaches how to build a team and create change in our world by training you to be a helper for those who are searching. One of Alana Leone’s beliefs is that we keep what we have —   happiness, tools, strategies, wisdom, love — by passing it on.

“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new” – Socrates

 Find your passion and live your desire! It is your gift to yourself and your generations – Alana Leone