It is About Network not Networth

It is About Network not Networth

When you ask someone if they are successful, what is the first thing people think of? Money, right?

What is success, exactly?

It is true that finances are a measurable way to see if the plans you have made throughout your life have paid out. But, how many people do you know that have had a lot of money and then lost it only to regain it again?

There is one story I remember about a millionaire who got into financial trouble; ended up owing millions. They never once thought about bankruptcy. Actually, that is not a word that successful people use. That is a broke mentality word. This person with his network began again and became successful again and repaid the millions of dollars that were owed.

I say amazing! Very inspiring!

This story I have heard not once, but several times from several different people. It is the story that keeps me going when I have a failure.

Do you agree that to become financially successful, it takes a driven attitude, a desire to learn and listen, a heart to lead and to teach others, perseverance and the ability to fail, get back up, shake it off, and learn from it?

Success is the Ability to Push Through

Success takes dedication and there are not a lot of people in the world who have the same attitude.

Do you have to be born with all attributes to succeed? No.

Will you learn all of those attitudes in one day or a week? No.

It is all a learned behavior. A different way to think and it may take time to get to a place of success. Most of us are NOT taught these disciplines in childhood.

How do we learn success?

First, it takes a decision to change. It takes finding people who are doing it. It is said that you will average the net worth of your 5 closest friends. It is an attitude. It is a way of thinking, speaking and acting.

Imagine a ladder with five steps going up. You have been working on yourself for years now and you made it onto the second step. In between the steps are years, the years will be different for different people.

Notice I didn’t say months, though. The process of success in business and personal life takes time. Most important is not to stop your progress because the years in between the steps get longer. This all works with consistent action to do a little better every day.

You have a chance to reach your hand down and lead, to teach others on the steps below. This is one of the biggest reasons I love personal development. Training and helping others is my passion.

When you are living from your heart and helping others, people on the higher steps start to notice. Helping others as it was so graciously given to you is how we learn the material even better, however, it is also a joy that gives us fulfillment in our lives.

The world is changing, however, I like the pay it forward system and it is about how many people you can help.