“Authentic Self” Weekend Day 3

This 2.5-day event is to recharge your life now. We all have a past and a lot of us understand
that that past rules our life no matter how small.
To be more successful in your business or personal life it is important to understand what is
stopping you from your dreams.
This event goes through clearing past by taking the learnings and seeing that all things are for
you to become who you are meant to be exactly you now. We can always learn new skills and
gain more wisdom, if you like me like to learn it is a way to go deeper in your growth of higher

What you will learn:
What is stopping you from your deepest dream?
Biofield Energy Analysis with Biopulsar® Technology so you can understand where your body is
holding energy and how to free up life force energy.
Coherence in energy centers and alignment of heart to brain centers.
Build confidence in communication with NLP communication processes.
Learn boundaries, what yours are and how to stand up for them.
Meditation and breathwork techniques

How to set (SMART) goals that really work.
How to set yourself up for success everyday.
How to be more present in your life so that you can be connected to yourself and others.
Experience more joy and passion in your life.
All this and so much more

Email me for more information at alana@alanaleone.com

The event is finished.



10:00 am - 4:00 pm

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