About Alana

We’d like to introduce you to Alana Leone.

Alana is an author and well-known coach and teacher on taking action for creating what you want.

She has been a part of creating her own very sacred line of sprays. http://alanaleone.com/products-and-services/vibrational-essence-sprays/

Alana noticed in the work she was doing in personal development that not everyone came home from the events and took action. In fact, very few did after getting back into their home environments and back inside their comfort zone boxes, thinking their old thoughts and then forgetting about their passions.

Alana says, “I will have none of that”. The reason this was so close to her heart is because she herself did this for years and was frustrated with herself and she didn’t realize how easy it was to go back to sleep from becoming awakened. She wrote her first book in 2015 called “Wake Yourself Up” and created Pushy Coaching & Training Ltd to coach others to stay awake.

Alana’s question is, “Are you manifesting what you want, now?” and if not, “Why”?

Her second book is with Dr. Gray and Les Brown about “Shifting Thinking.” Her third book will be published this year.

What you will be ready to discover is:
• The formula in creating more success in your life.
• What you can shift to unblock your true energy life force in your mind and body.
• How to stay on track with daily intentions.
• Being kind to yourself with thoughts and boundaries.
• How to create confidence with language and be ready to handle any situation.
• Laser focusing on what you want with visualization and raising your vibration to attract the life you desire.
• Imprint centers and energy training.
• Symbols and how this energy can magnify your life experience
• Meditation.
• Much more.

Alana will guide you with creation of your higher self and source to get in touch with a deeper connection and greater wisdom to have the life you want!

Much love.