Discover the 3 Processes that will get you started and on your way to enjoying your life.

Have you always felt that you were meant for more than the typical 9 to 5? Your answer is ‘Yes,’ correct? Well then, what’s holding you back?

Paving your own path is arduous labour. You’ll want to give up and just conform often. I’ve been there. But, the answer that always comes into my mind is “You can always give up, so why do it now?”

Get my simple 3 step plan to show you how to overcome whats holding you back and start to get MASSIVE results in your life

Discover the 3 processes that will propel you to a Better Life TODAY!




Carla Rieger

Speaker Coach & Motivational Keynote Speaker on Change Leadership

“Alana has a huge passion to help people succeed and have more fulfilling lives. Her expertise in business development coupled with her understanding of interpersonal dynamics makes her the perfect coach for people wanting to succeed at their own home-based business and thrive like never before.”


Brigitta Hoeferle

Certified Educator and Coach • Expert in Parenting and Child Development -Founder of The Montessori School of Cleveland

“Alana is a intuitive, fun and creative person who serves others with most enthusiasm and knowledge. It is always a pleasure working with her!”


Jotika Prasad

Make up Artist and Event Planner

“I met Alana about 2 years ago. She saw something in me that I couldn’t see in myself. With her guidance and coaching I was able to raise my head up with confidence again. One of my favorite lines she says is “It’s like working a muscle”. She can take the negative and turn things into positives. Just even being around such an energized woman helps you to be the same. I thank her for helping me back to the real me.”


Alana_Web (1)

I’ve always had an entrepreneurial spirit and ambition to be my own boss. I didn’t really care for asking someone if I could have a vacation or a day off because I wanted to spend a day with my children. By the time I was 29 years old, I’d already started a few traditional businesses one of which became a million dollar directional drilling company that is still running after 17 years.

You never know where life is going to take you and success is all about being ready for any change or opportunity! That is what I am here to guide you through. I will show you your true potential and the opportunities you are missing out on or need that small tweek that will bring you ultimate happiness and success.

To illustrate, I always wanted to be a public speaker, but fear always got in the way. But the truth is, you don’t have to be perfect to start… I wanted to prove that you can achieve anything when you set your mind to it, all you have to do is take action!

Discover the 3 processes that will propel you to a Better Life TODAY!

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