3 Reasons Why Goals Aren’t Working

3 Reasons Why Goals Aren’t Working

Start Hitting Your Goals and Moving Forward – 3 Reasons Why Goals Are Not Popular

You hear goals being talked about and the word thrown around all the time.

Did you hit your goals? Did you set your goals? Did you know most people don’t even set goals anymore because of fear?

Fear they won’t hit them again anyway. Of course goals are not the only thing to get to success. I wanted to shed light on 3 Reasons why I believe Goals are not being accomplished.


Reason 1 – Set goals too high to Reach.

Most people haven’t been shown how to properly set goals so naturally they set a goal and it is too high to realistically achieve. Also, when people set goals they set too many so they are inevitably setting themselves up for disappointment. We want to hit our goals; This is why we set them!

I like to set a realistic goal and an outrageous goal. Example: If I am saying I want to hit so many sales this week, I will say I will hit 10 sales as a realistic goal and I will hit 20 sales as an outrageous goal. Use a number you will definitely hit in the beginning of restarting the goal setting ritual. Say, I will hit 2 sales this week if you know 100% you can. Why?

So you set yourself up for success. Then when you hit the goal I want you to celebrate. I mean celebrate like you just won a marathon or an Oscar Award. Celebrate and stick your hands in the air and yell ‘Yahhh! I deserve this! I worked for this! I am amazing!’ Set super easy goals at least 12 times. Hit that goal and celebrate. This anchor will be your success anchor.


Reason 2 – Setting Goals and Not Knowing What to Do to Hit It

People will set a goal and not know what it takes to hit it. The strategy I love to show people is part of my Wake Yourself Up Blueprint®. An example is: you have a goal to make $1,000.00 this month. Now, do you know the tasks to breakdown to hit this goal? Most people will set the goal and do half of what it actually takes to reach and be successful with the goal. If you know this technique you are fortunate!

Goal $1,000.00 for the month.

You have 4 weeks so I would chart it into 4 sections. Week 1 to week 4. Then what. You figure out what you are going to do to create momentum in the sales now whether that be door to door, calls, networking events, past customers. Have a plan for this. What are you going to say? Have a plan for this. Also say you are calling people. You need to understand what your closing ratio is. Say for the example you close 50% of your calls. You are a rock star.

Now you need to know your product. What are you selling and how much is it? Say again for the example it is $50.00. Great so how many would you have to sell. 1000/50 = 20 products right.

That is 20/4 for weeks = 5. Eeach week, you have to sell 5 your ratio for closing is 50% so you would have to call 10 people every week to make 1000 for the week.

Most people put a number down and then there is no planning involved which is a big reason why they don’t succeed. Not you anymore though right?


Reason 3 – Have You Been Taught What To Do With the Energy of the Emotion When You Aren’t Hitting Your Goals?

This deals with mindset. We have had a bunch of ideals put into our mind from childhood. What can you remember hearing from your parents about setting goals? From your teachers? Firstly, you had little to no instruction about goals and I don’t know about you however, I heard things like practice, practice makes perfect. Here is a classic. Get good grades to get a good job. Also, here is my communication practice. Sit down, be quite and get your homework done. We were formed into good listeners not good talkers. What about the idea of asking good questions? Did this get shot down all the time? What about I am curious to see if it works or how it works.

These children are quited down from their power. Now the scenerio is you were calling and people hung up and said no all day long so you didn’t hit the $1,000.00 a month. Does this happen? Yes. How about this happens day in and day out. We don’t have the skills to realize the goal a lot of times. We get down on ourselves and call ourselves nasty names. If your friend did this to you, you would defriend them but it is okay for you to do it to yourself for some reason?

Go through your last unsuccessful goal. What did you learn during that time? The time wasn’t completely wasted. Why? Because you learned some very important lessons, didn’t you? This is another reason for why people do not accomplish their goals. They beat themselves up instead of asking good questions. Get curious, see what happened, and ask ‘what can I do differently?’

Setting goals are not for the weak hearted. There is a commitment, a dedication, and definitely perseverance in becoming successful at goals.


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