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The Systems of Success Series 1, 2 and 3:

These are 2.5 hour trainings to give you systems of success to get your desires easily and effortlessly over and over.

Series 1. Setting Goals that Work

Series 2. Master Your Communication

Series 3: Living in Your Presence to Create Impact

You will discover how to become, even more, YOUR BEST SELF

When you have the ability to control your own destiny you can speed up attracting the life you want.

Have you always felt that you were meant for more and not sure where to turn? Your answer is ‘Yes,’ correct? Well then, what’s holding you back?

Paving your own path is arduous labour. You’ll want to give up and stay doing the same thing over and over again. I’ve been there. But, the answer that always comes into my mind is “You can always give up, so why do it now?”

I became a Master Facilitator and Certified Trainer because I would watch the world of people walking around aimlessly, stuck in conformity, living each day the same as the last. I knew there were people out there like me. People who want to live ‘outside-the-box.’ So, I decided to push through and reinvent myself so I could help those that too wanted something more.

Here’s How to Speed Up Change

 You need to Join me at my LIVE Event!

My purpose as the Pushy Coach is to wake people to see and take action on their visions and goals.

I work to develop a vision, coach you to take action and help you to push through it.

My mission is to share freedom with the world starting with one person at a time!

Your dreams can be your reality. I am proof of it.

I am living my dream and I want you to join me.

My vision as a coach is to get people to see what is holding them back from their destiny.

My desire is to open people’s minds to their possibilities. Rise above to win freedom.

This work is for all people that want to move a further in their lives.

Either you cannot get off the couch or you are only making $1 million and something is holding you back.

Why Attend My LIVE Event?

Here are 3 amazing benefits that you will get when you attend my special LIVE event…

1) Learn how to open your awareness to see opportunities and use prosperity thinking in all areas of your life and to see what may have been disguised before because you were stuck in old thinking patterns. When you are open and can tap into your expanded thinking you will see more clearly and release the stuck and confusion.

2) Start to think more seriously about who you are and what you want. You’ll learn more about asking good questions and how to learn from your defeats.

3) You will be creating action goals to work toward and realize why your goals might not have worked in the past or working on your communication and really listening to others for maximum impact when you communicate.

Mastermind Community

The connections and community that you make in my programs will be the stepping stone to having like minded people for accountability.

The intention of the Pushy Movement is to offer many ways to support you in maintaining a daily practice in order to help you move forward and clear any blocks that might get in the way of you manifesting your goals.

I know how difficult it can be to form a new habit and stick to it but you will be guided every step of the way  until your new habits are a daily phenomenon.

A balanced life doesn’t come from external factors like whether you’re married with kids, how much money you make, the house you live in, or whether you’re rockin’ it in your profession. That’s all external.

Your bright future depends on how you attack your life today. 

What My Members Are Saying…

Ravi Bhindi

Owner, Instructor and Personal Coach

Cold Calling Works & Realtor at Sutton West Coast Realty

I met Alana at a Money management Seminar and there after became part of a great mastermind group with Alana. She is truly a great coach. She will ask you the right questions to help you define any problems. I must say, our mastermind group has helped me gain more control of my work and life balance. Thanks Alana for your help and hope to continue our mastermind group.

Cynthia Ayoub

Owner of Dyosah

“I am very lucky to know Alana. She has a great energy, positive thinking and a lot of tools that she shares with me. Her knowledge helps me a lot because she finds solutions to problems and pushes me to make better results. She knows how to balance the different pillars of success and personal growth. Most importantly, she can help you create an amazing life!”


join me at my live event

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NEXT LIVE EVENT: April 1, 2019 – Systems of Success Series 2: Communication

TIME: 6:45 to 7:00 Networking

            7:00pm – 9:30pm Presentation

WHERE: 308 – 15300 Croydon Drive, Surrey, BC, V3S 0Z5