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Do you ever feel like you have a higher calling on your life and you are not sure what to do with it?

Do you deal with the public and you could use some communication skills and tools to impact others on purpose?

Are you a business owner or sales manager and could use more skills in teams and knowing your employees?

Are you a parent that gets into negotiations with your children?

Are you a personal coach or personal trainer and you would like to be able to motivate your clients and help them quickly and easily with new strategies?

NLP is a way to understand others at such a deeper level with tools and strategies to more through obstacles, hear and speak more specifically so you are understood and can understand what the other person really wants, to really connect with others easily and effortlessly.


Neuro Linguistic Programming Vancouver –  NLP Training is the study of excellence by modeling excellence in various fields of study. NLP gives you control of your mind so instead of being controlled you will have the freedom to choose your thoughts and actions for more success. Call today & speak with Alana Leone


Any questions do not hesitate to call the office at 604-229-9989 or email for your NLP Training Vancouver – Pushy Coach NLP Vancouver

There are 2 different levels in Pushy Coaching & Training.

1st level is the Professional Sales Training Vancouver

Join us for this 6-day program where you get to use the strategies and tools for yourself to gain a deeper knowledge and understanding for confidence in sales, negotiation skills, understanding your client, setting up the relationship for success. This 6-day program will give you a NLP Practitioner Certificate (once you have passed the test) for those that want to go on to the coaching program and also a sales blast for your career or business with massive sales techniques. Call to find out more!

2nd level is the Coaches Training Program.

For people that want to be coaches there is another 6-day training to practice fast track techniques to get your clients to where they want to go quickly and easily. We will work from the handbook and go through exactly what to do with your clients from beginning to end and with power. Also included is 6 months marketing launch to help grow your business & win clients.

This is a turn key business opportunity to begin your passion now!

To learn more go to the coaching information page.

How the PUSHY COACH can change your life.

What happy clients have to say about the Push Movement and how it changed their lives forever!

I invite you to open your mind and explore what success you can claim through a shift to next level thinking. I give you the strategies, tools, and behaviors to be able to have what you desire.

 Take action now.



What happy clients have to say about NLP and Alana Leone

and how it changed their lives forever!


You can always give up, so why do it now? You've made it this far!